Monday, April 30, 2012

Introducing My First Stab at Blogging

I heard that blogging is the way to wealth, so while I never understood why the average person would think that  random strangers would be interested in his or her thoughts and opinions, the lure of a pot of gold has drawn me into the bizarre world of blogging. That and an email promoting this free service. What the heck. At the very least, I can improve my writing skills. If things work out, I could become a force in journalism. I'll just take this one entry at a time and see what happens.

When reading other people's blogs, I often wonder what I'd write about if I were to start my own. What have I done that would make busy people want to interrupt their day to read about? Some friends have asked me about my travels, others have asked for advice on photography, printing and websites, so I guess I'll start with these topics. 

Comments welcome.

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